Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Going Above and Beyond ... Customer Satisfaction

I read recently that in the early 1900s the Brooklyn Rapid Transit Company regularly ran ads in the newspaper telling patrons what they had left behind in the rail cars.  The ads mentioned valuable items such as handbags, suitcases, coats and eyeglasses.  More mundane items were also mentioned on the list of lost and found items ... a baby bottle, a letter, a small music roll, a knife ... illustrating the point that an item's value is in the eye of the beholder.
  The fact that the company went to the time and expense of placing the ads is impressive.  We often deal with people/companies who are helpful, efficient and pleasant.  Or not.  But finding ones who truly go above and beyond is a much appreciated experience.
  I'm proud to say that I work with a group of above-and-beyonders at my branch of the public library.  It's what they do.  And doing so makes them as happy as the satisfied patron.