Monday, August 27, 2012

Make a Note to Make a Note

photo by Jan Siebold
My purse calendar contains all kinds of information that is vital to my existence ... appointments, work schedule, social events, telephone numbers, current sizes of grandchildren, gift ideas and more.  Yes, I realize that my cell phone could store much of that information but I prefer my own paper and pencil method of organization.  I was recently switching over information to next year's calendar and came across a mysterious note to myself.  On the last page of the calendar I had written AR 8,15,16 NF 21,22,15.  I have no idea what it means or when I wrote it.  Do the numbers signify dimensions?  Are the letters someone's initials?  Do they refer to a place?  Or a product?  I keep hoping that that answer will come to me in a flash.  In the meantime I keep mulling over the possibilities ... Arizona? Al Roker? Niagara Falls? Nelly Furtado?  It is for this very reason that I make every attempt to write down ideas that I might use in my writing as well as my life.  I keep little notebooks (10 for $1 at the dollar store!) and writing instruments in my car, my purse and on my bedside table for thoughts and phrases that come to me at odd times.  I even have several small notebooks with tiny pencils that hang from a chain and can be worn around my neck.  They are great for walks. You never know when an idea will be useful and it's amazingly easy to forget what seems at the time like a lightening bolt of an idea.  Just make sure you jot down enough details to remember what your note means.  Let's see ... AR 8, 15, 16 NF 21,22,15...any ideas???